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08.02.2018 | Broken Ground

OUT NOW! A multiplayer artillery game with destructible terrain and lots of weapons. The spiritual successor to the Bad Eggs Online flash game series, Broken Ground updates the franchise to feature a much better, fuller and fun game experience for both old fans and new.

02.12.2014 | Escape to Hell

A rip-roaring dungeon running adventure! Battle your way across the underworld completing quests as you go. Become the ultimate dungeon diver, return home and and face down your ultimate enemy, the Cake of DOOM!

16.05.2013 | Popopop (App)

Set off chain reactions of popping bubbles in this puzzle game that will sooth your senses and test your brain cells across over 100 carefully crafted levels. It’s better than popping bubble wrap.

Popopop is available on the Appstore and on Google Play! Get it here:
On Android, On iOS

25.04.2012 | Super Villainy

Ever wanted to play as the villain rather than the hero. Well that’s exactly what you can do in our latest game, Super Villainy.

Yeah that’s right, Super Villain Battle Royale! Show the rest of the villains who’s top dog in this awesome shooter with tons of upgrades, turrets and even minions.

11.02.2012 | Ninja Bear

Introducing Ninja Bear and his faithful side kick Purple Teddy. While you sleep this crack commando team fight off scary monsters that lurk under your bed and in your closet.

Ninja Bear is an artillery based puzzle game. Play through 44 increasingly tricky levels and keep those monsters at bay.