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11.02.2012 | Ninja Bear

Introducing Ninja Bear and his faithful side kick Purple Teddy. While you sleep this crack commando team fight off scary monsters that lurk under your bed and in your closet.

Ninja Bear is an artillery based puzzle game. Play through 44 increasingly tricky levels and keep those monsters at bay.

21.10.2011 | Bad Eggs Online

It’s the eggpocalypse and it’s every egg for themselves in this multiplayer artillery game!

Command an impressive arsenal of weaponry and take on players from around the world in classic multiplayer deathmatch battles.

09.08.2011 | Battle Beavers

“Om Nom Nom Nom” cries the great beaver before charging head long into battle, axe raised high, with vengeance in his eyes.

Welcome to the world of the Battle Beavers, a button bashing beat em up!

06.05.2011 | Animal Raceway

Is a shark faster than a badger? A turtle? Or even an octopus?

Yup this one is an animal racing game. No prizes for guessing that. Stranded on a desert island you must train up your animal of choice in an attempt to win the premier league and escape.

07.03.2011 | Hambo

Armed to the snout and born to bacon. You’re the law and it’s time to clean up this town.

Physics based puzzle shooter from Rob Donkin and RobotJam.

23.01.2011 | Spitfire: 1940

Fighter command needs your assistance! The Battle of Britain is about to begin and you have been called upon to manage the British defences. Organise your men, build planes, check intelligence reports and send out your Spitfires to defend the country against the threat of German invasion.

01.12.2010 | Toxers

An explosion at a nearby ice cream factory releases hordes of radioactive mutant bugs on to the streets of Metropolis.

Can you survive the onslaught and face a final showdown against Bugzilla? The only good bug is a dead bug!