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17.12.2014 | Falling Elephants & Popopop | Out now on iOS and Android

Last week released 2 new free games in the Appstore and on GooglePlay. You can find links to download both games below.

Falling Elephants


FallingElephants Available_Appstore Available_GooglePlay FallingElephants Available_Appstore Available_GooglePlay
Elephants falling from the sky! Elephants from the sky. Green and blue and red and orange. Yellow and purple fez wearing fatties. Casual gaming at its best. Drop elephants, match colours, use powerups, set a high score! Set off chain reactions of popping bubbles in this puzzle game that will sooth your senses and test your brain cells across over 100 carefully crafted levels. We’ve got coloured bubbles, cannon bubbles, rainbow bubbles, lightning bubbles, bomb bubbles, sliding bubbles, paint bubbles and double bubbles. And more! It’s better than popping bubble wrap.
FallingElephantsScreenshot PopopopScreenshot

27.11.2014 | What’s next for Bad Viking?

I just thought I’d do a quick update on what we’re working on now that Bad Eggs Online 2 is out on Android and iOS.

Obviously we are still updating the app and trying to get it noticed in the over-saturated mobile market but we’ve also got a few more exciting projects up our sleeves. Firstly we have two more mobile games that we plan to launch very soon.



Falling Elephants Popopop

Expect to see them within a couple of weeks all being well (as we wait on the iOS review process).

Then after that we’ve also got another little project that we’ve been working on in the background. It’s going to be a point-and-click adventure, one of our favourite genres. We’re really enjoying making this one and hope you’ll like it. Here’s a sneak peek, not going to say anything more on it for now:


01.10.2014 | Bad Eggs is going mobile!


We’ve been working on a mobile version of Bad Eggs Online 2 for a while now and are finally very nearly ready to release it. We submitted it to the app store for review yesterday so are just waiting for approval from them before we’ll be ready to go. There may a few last minute kinks to deal with and some final testing to do but all being well we should be ready go within a week or two (depending on how long the approval process takes).

It will be available on both Android and iOS and you will be able to use your existing accounts to login.

It has been an interesting experience developing for mobile. Apple and Android both have their individual quirks that have added onto the development time as we’ve stumbled our way through the problems. The biggest challenges however have been dealing with lower performance and updating the interface so that it’s more intuitive for touch controls. We’re pretty happy with what we’ve come up with and can’t wait to invite a whole new audience to enjoy the game!

Then we need to get thinking about what to include in the halloween update! Is it time to bring back the zombie egg?

In the meantime, here’s a super-awesome trailer to keep you entertained:

07.02.2014 | Competition time in BEO2

This is our first competition since launching Bad Eggs Online 2. We’re calling it Pimp your egg. We want people to create their own egg characters but using real eggs.

We thought we’d get involved as well to show people what we mean. Cue a frantic, fun-filled morning of scissors, glue and sticky tape. Et voila, John and Rob’s epic egg creations:


For details on how to enter please visit the BEO2 forums here.

17.01.2014 | Weapon Pack 5 launched in BEO2

We’ve added our first new weapon pack to Bad Eggs Online 2 since it launched back in October. Pack 5 is now available to purchase in the shop featuring five new awesome weapons.

Additionally we’ve unveiled a new referrals system that will allow you to earn Credits for free, while helping to spread the word about Bad Eggs and get more people playing.

Here’s how it will work. When a player logs in, there will be a button on the bottom left (on the blue bar) that you can click to get your unique referral link (as well as some more info).

Then you can copy/paste that link wherever you want (send it to your friends, post it on facebook etc). When someone clicks your link and signs up to the game they will be tagged as being referred by you and then when they reach level 30 you will get 5 Credits.

You’ll be able to do this a maximum of 20 times (so you can earn up to 100 Credits this way).

04.12.2013 | New look website

Bad Viking has redesigned his website, you know… to look badder and more awesome. I think you’ll agree it looks much better for it.

You can now browse a full selection of Rob and John’s games, follow our exciting news in this ere blog or get social with us on our facebook and twitter pages.