17.12.2014 | Falling Elephants & Popopop | Out now on iOS and Android

Last week released 2 new free games in the Appstore and on GooglePlay. You can find links to download both games below.

Falling Elephants


FallingElephants Available_Appstore Available_GooglePlay FallingElephants Available_Appstore Available_GooglePlay
Elephants falling from the sky! Elephants from the sky. Green and blue and red and orange. Yellow and purple fez wearing fatties. Casual gaming at its best. Drop elephants, match colours, use powerups, set a high score! Set off chain reactions of popping bubbles in this puzzle game that will sooth your senses and test your brain cells across over 100 carefully crafted levels. We’ve got coloured bubbles, cannon bubbles, rainbow bubbles, lightning bubbles, bomb bubbles, sliding bubbles, paint bubbles and double bubbles. And more! It’s better than popping bubble wrap.
FallingElephantsScreenshot PopopopScreenshot