29.04.2013 | Falling Elephants

The sky is falling. Wait… No… Check that. Actually elephants are falling from the sky! A match three game with Falling Elephants. Seriously, what more do you want from a casual time waster.

Falling Elephants is now an app! Get it here:
On Android, On iOS

It’s been ages since we released a game and we’ve had this little doozy up our sleeves for some time. Finished way back in 2011, Falling Elephants is a very simple yet highly addictive casual game.
We made it for a bit of fun and knew it would be a struggle to find much interest from sponsors. So it’s been sat gathering dust on a virtual shelf… Until now!

Taking a break from the development of Bad Eggs, we knocked this out in about a week, basically as an exercise in making a simple and fun high score based matching game in as little time as possible, but retaining a certain sense of humour and polish. We think it turned out pretty well. It’s actually quite an addictive little time waster, especially if you want to set a decent score. My parents and grandparents love it!

So what are you waiting for. Go and drop some colourful elephants on top of other coloured elephants. Simples.Music comes courtesy of the fantastic Mr Gee who composed us this hilarious original track. It gets annoying after a while but make sure you listen to it through at least once.