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01.10.2014 | Bad Eggs is going mobile!


We’ve been working on a mobile version of Bad Eggs Online 2 for a while now and are finally very nearly ready to release it. We submitted it to the app store for review yesterday so are just waiting for approval from them before we’ll be ready to go. There may a few last minute kinks to deal with and some final testing to do but all being well we should be ready go within a week or two (depending on how long the approval process takes).

It will be available on both Android and iOS and you will be able to use your existing accounts to login.

It has been an interesting experience developing for mobile. Apple and Android both have their individual quirks that have added onto the development time as we’ve stumbled our way through the problems. The biggest challenges however have been dealing with lower performance and updating the interface so that it’s more intuitive for touch controls. We’re pretty happy with what we’ve come up with and can’t wait to invite a whole new audience to enjoy the game!

Then we need to get thinking about what to include in the halloween update! Is it time to bring back the zombie egg?

In the meantime, here’s a super-awesome trailer to keep you entertained: