Below Decks on the Pirate Ship
Flip the lever on the pirate ship deck to open the trapdoor.
You will need:
Get it from below decks on the pirate ship.[_/su_spoiler]
What do I do with the Rum?
Use it on the flowers near the treehouse. The bees will get drunk and stop preventing you from climbing up to the treehouse.[_/su_spoiler]
Captain's Quarters
You will need:
An eyepatch
You will need to make it yourself!
Using these ingredients:
A piece of black fabric
Get it from the mushroom village.[___/su_spoiler]
A piece of string
Get it from the far right of the bar in the inn.[___/su_spoiler]
Some scissors
Get them from the counter in the inn.[___/su_spoiler] [__/su_spoiler]
But how?!
Use the scissors on the black fabric. Then use the string on the resulting patch-shaped piece of fabric.[__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
What do I do with the eyepatch?
Wear it! Use it on Bad Viking himself and he will put it on. You will now be able to enter the Captain's Quarters without Muffin Pirate preventing you.[_/su_spoiler]
Secret Island
You will need:
A message in a bottle
Collect it from the sea in the harbour.
Using this:
A long hook
You need to combine some items to make it!
Which items?
A pirate's hook hand
Get it from the cupboard in the treehouse.[_____/su_spoiler]
A broom handle
Get it from the inn.[_____/su_spoiler] [____/su_spoiler] [___/su_spoiler] [__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
A map
Get it from below decks on the pirate ship.[_/su_spoiler]
What do I do?
Give the message in a bottle to the captain. He will ask you to bring him his charts. Now give him the map. You will now be able to use the boat in the harbour to access the secret island.[_/su_spoiler]


Hot Sauce
You will need:
To incapacitate the shark
You will need:
Sleeping pills
Get them from the inn upstairs.[__/su_spoiler]
A fish
Get one from the fishmonger.
How do I do that?
See that big sign next to the fisherman? You need to make something that looks like the Marlin Hunter 3000.
Using these items:
A pendant
Get it from the chest on the deck of the pirate ship.
Get the key from the drawer below decks on the pirate ship. Use this key on the chest to open it.[______/su_spoiler] [_____/su_spoiler]
A fishing hook
Get it from the mushroom village.[_____/su_spoiler]
A feather
Get it from the Captain's Quarters[_____/su_spoiler]
What do I do with the items?
Use the pendant on the fishing hook. Then use the feather on the hook/pendant combo. You now have a Marlin Hunter 3000![_____/su_spoiler] [____/su_spoiler]
What do I do with the Marlin Hunter 3000 lookalike?
Give it to the fishmonger. She will become distracted allowing you time to steal the fish.[____/su_spoiler] [___/su_spoiler] [__/su_spoiler]
What do I do?
Use the sleeping pills on the fish and then feed it to Mr Nibbles the shark in the Captain's Quarters. He will fall asleep and you can collect the hot sauce.[__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
Chocolate Milk
You will need:
A moustache
Get it from the Captain's Quarters.[_/su_spoiler]
What do I do?
Give the moustache to the Popcorn Colonel.
Oh but now he wants a blonde moustache!
You will need some hair dye to turn it blonde.
Hair dye
Ask Maria the viking in the inn (ask nicely!) and she will give you some. This will only work after you have tried to give the brown moustache to the Popcorn Colonel.[___/su_spoiler]
Now what?
Give the blonde moustache to the Popcorn Colonel. He will give you a chocolate muffin, the only thing Red loves more than chocolate milk! Give the muffin to Red and he will give you the milk.[___/su_spoiler] [__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
Dragon's Egg
To start with you’ll need an egg. There is a chicken atop The Pillaging Pony sign outside the inn. To get an egg from the chicken you’ll need the following:
How do I get the corn?
Pick up the crowbar from the inn reception area and use the crowbar on the crates in the docks. Pick up the corn from inside the crates.[__/su_spoiler]
Where do I use the corn?!
Use the corn on the chicken outside the inn. The chicken will fly down and leave behind an egg. But still how to get it down – no ladders to be found anywhere... We'll have to be more inventive [__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
Magic Beans
First you'll need to summon the Wizard
Obtain a cannonball from the pile below decks on the pirate ship. (Use the lever on the mast to gain access to below the decks. Use the cannonball on the stone plinth in the forest to summon the wizard.[__/su_spoiler]
Solving the wizard's riddle
Once you have spoken to the wizard he will set you a riddle. Visit the bartender in the inn bar for the solution and return to talk to the wizard.[__/su_spoiler]
What do I do with the magic beans?
Plant the magic beans in the dirt at the base of the Pillaging Pony sign. Now you just need to make your beanstalk grow.[__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
A Bucket of water
Where is the bucket?
The bucket is located on the island. If you haven't been to the island see the section above for further help.[__/su_spoiler]
What do I do with the bucket
Once you have a bucket you need to fill it with water.
Where from?
Use the bucket on the river in the forest. Hey presto you can now water your beanstalk. [___/su_spoiler] [__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]

You've found the egg but not sure what to do next...

How do I make my egg more dragony?
Firstly it needs to be bigger
Take the chicken egg and give it to the wizard. he'll use his magical powers to grow it for you.[__/su_spoiler]
What to do with my big egg?
Start by talking to the drunken viking in the inn bar. He'll tell you he's always fancied himself as a painter. Perhaps he can disguise your chicken egg for you. But first you'll need to sober him up and get him painting.
How do I sober up the drunken viking
You'll need a mug of coffee.
Where from?
Get the mug from upstairs in the inn and use the mug on the coffee pot on the stove in the inn bar. Use the coffee filled mug on the drunk viking and he will now be ready to start a new life as a painter. Leave the inn and use the dragon egg on the viking outside the inn. Hey presto... one magnificent looking dragons egg is now yours. [____/su_spoiler] [___/su_spoiler] [__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
You will need:
An armadillo
Get it from the harbour.[_/su_spoiler]
To get the armadillo onto the island
As you may have noticed you can't simply take it on the boat. You will need:
Get it from the barrel on the deck of the pirate ship.[__/su_spoiler]
Get them from the secret island.[__/su_spoiler]
What do I do?
Use the gunpowder on the cannon on the deck of the pirate ship. Load the armadillo into the cannon and light the fuse with your matches. Boom, a flying armadillo...[__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
To free Marvin
You will need:
The key to the cage
Give the armadillo to Colin and he will give you a key in return.[__/su_spoiler]
To get Marvin's cage closer
You will need:
A shuriken
Get it from the forest.[___/su_spoiler]
What do I do?
Use the shuriken on the cage to sever the rope and Marvin falls to the floor.[___/su_spoiler] [__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
What do I do?
Once you have freed Marvin you can visit Captain Doughnutface and he will award you the banana.[_/su_spoiler]
Baked Beans
To start with you’ll need access to the Treehouse. If you haven’t bypassed those pesky bees yet, see above. If you can then first up we’re trying to solve the book puzzle located there. For this we will need:
An apple
This can be found hanging on a branch in the treehouse.[_/su_spoiler]
A worm
Use the apple on the stump in the forest to lure out that mischievous little worm and then pick him up.[_/su_spoiler]
A worm, seriously? How's that going to help!
Go below the decks on the pirate ship and use the worm to eat through the skeleton's wooden leg, leaving behind its secret contents - a scroll and a key.
And how do these items help me?
Open the scroll to reveal the solution. Click on the books that match the highlighted areas to reveal a secret door. Use the skeleton key on the secret door and pick up the gemstone.
What do I do with the gemstone?
There is a gem shaped hole on the wall in the inn reception area. Use the gemstone on the hole to reveal a secret larder full of baked Beans. Et voila! [___/su_spoiler] [__/su_spoiler] [_/su_spoiler]
What do I do with the ingredients?
Give them to the Mushroom King!