17.05.2013 | The Ninth Realm Beta

The Ninth Realm (our second multiplayer title) is our biggest and most ambitious project to date.

The game has evolved a lot since we first started but we’re really happy with how it has turned out. Throughout development we’ve never really known how to describe it to people but I have settled on calling it “a sort of fantasy strategy battle game.”

You take on the role of a Guardian, one of an ancient order who seek to retrieve lost Rune Stones from the Ninth Realm. Rune Stones are powerful stone tablets, capable of summoning monsters, items and spells. In order to use them you will need to collect resources (in the form of elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water).

Each game becomes an intense strategic battle as you move around the map, casting spells and summoning creatures to fight for you in your effort to outwit your opponent. But it doesn’t stop there. As you play you will uncover new Rune Stones and you will be able to hone your strategy by deciding which combination of stones to take into battle with you. It’s a complicated game with an endless number of potential strategies.

We’ve also built a lot of other features around the game. You can add other players to your friends list so that you can easily invite them to play with you next time. You can unlock a large amount of Guardian customisation options so that you can stand out from the crowd (you can even save your outfit to your computer to use as a forum avatar). You can complete challenges to unlock new banners and symbols to show off your prowess on the battlefield.

We really hope you like it and would very much appreciate your feedback at this early stage. You may need to find a friend to play against since it’s early days yet and we haven’t publicised the game very much.

Check out the forum here: http://www.ninthrealmonline.com/forum/

Play on the official site: http://www.ninthrealmonline.com/