17.01.2014 | Weapon Pack 5 launched in BEO2

We’ve added our first new weapon pack to Bad Eggs Online 2 since it launched back in October. Pack 5 is now available to purchase in the shop featuring five new awesome weapons.

Additionally we’ve unveiled a new referrals system that will allow you to earn Credits for free, while helping to spread the word about Bad Eggs and get more people playing.

Here’s how it will work. When a player logs in, there will be a button on the bottom left (on the blue bar) that you can click to get your unique referral link (as well as some more info).

Then you can copy/paste that link wherever you want (send it to your friends, post it on facebook etc). When someone clicks your link and signs up to the game they will be tagged as being referred by you and then when they reach level 30 you will get 5 Credits.

You’ll be able to do this a maximum of 20 times (so you can earn up to 100 Credits this way).