2013 Available on iOS & Android

Bad Eggs Online 2 is a multiplayer artillery game created in flash and launched in 2013. The game has since been ported to mobile where it has been downloaded over 2 million times.


Bad Viking is made up of two brothers, Rob and John Donkin. We’re based in the UK where we’ve been quietly getting on with making games together for well over a decade. We’ve published titles for all sorts of platforms, from web browsers to consoles, and in a wide variety of genres, from plant-based detective mysteries to egg-based multiplayer artillery games.

Rob writes the code, and John makes it look good.

Rob Donkin

Code & Design

    John Donkin

    Art & Design


    These are the games we have made.

    Virtue Reality

    Virtue Reality, developed by Bad Viking in association with Ultimatum Games, is a 2D idle mobile game commissioned by Muslim Charity, Islamic Relief, to highlight their life-saving work around the world and help counter negative stereotypes and under representation of Muslims in gaming.

    Broken Ground

    A multiplayer artillery game with destructible terrain and lots of weapons. The spiritual successor to the Bad Eggs Online flash game series, Broken Ground updates the franchise to feature a much better, fuller and fun game experience for both old fans and new. Regretfully, the game is no longer available.

    The Curse of the mushroom king

    Help Bad Viking track down all the ingredients to lift the curse of the Mushroom King. Adventure. Humour. Puzzles. Randomness. A classic point and click game.

    Escape to hell

    A rip-roaring dungeon running adventure! Battle your way across the underworld completing quests as you go. Become the ultimate dungeon diver, return home and and face down your ultimate enemy, the Cake of DOOM!

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